It is near to Christmas and because there were several family members of colleagues of Robert already in Vienna who wanted to see the office, it was decided to have a small gathering at the end of the day.

So today, also Lorena and mummy Patricia visited the office of Universal Laser Systems. Lorena had great fun. Not only was she in the middle of all attention again, she also found many new toys again that could potentially be destroyed.


Initially she was fine and quietly playing in the corner, as can be seen here.


But already soon she discovered that there are many other interesting people to get to know better.

Here with Susanne


Here with Susanne's mother

And here with Wolfram, who definitely had problems...

...with trying to keep control over this bouncing little creature...

According to the books she should now get into the phase where she will only like to be with mum and dad and the nanny, but nobody else. So far definitely not and we hope that this will stay this way until the grandparents visit again.


Of particular interest was daddy's desk.

What does this button do...?


Also now, mummy asked what she was doing. But this time she immediately had her professional innocent face ready...


Nothing was destroyed (in case our auditors bump into this site by accident...)

But even if, who could be angry when seeing this smile...


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