Women Talk


Our little girl discovered that she is able to speak a few words now. Okay, besides "Ba ba ba ba ba" en "Wa wa wa wa wa" there is nothing else to be heard yet. This needs to be improved. And for improvement one needs exercise.

Lorena is talking throughout the day, but she decided that her best time to exercise talking is between 01:00 and 03:30 at night. Yes, both parents are really impressed with this...

And she talks a lot. Daddy thought that his wife was already talkative, but his little girl is catching up too well. He was asking himself why. But this week, on his way to work, he found the answer in the free newspaper that they distribute here in the Subway. Translated in short, the article quotes an American Neuropsychologist, who discovered that women speak 13,000 words more per day than men (who only speak 7,000 per day) and double the speed. Well, there we go....


For the rest not much happened this week. So therefore just two pictures with Lorena. One on her favourite spot, daddy's shoulder, while shopping in the main shopping street here and the second one where she is having lunch in a shop with children's corner.


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