Croatian International Airshow Varaždin
CIAV 2006)

10 and 11 June 2006


Varaždin (LDVA), 90 kilometres Northeast of Zagreb, is a small airfield that, besides “Aeroklub Krila” (who organised the show) is also hosting a Diamond Aviation Centre.

The show itself is on a relatively small scale. However, absolutely worth to visit for those who are nearby or planning a holidays in the neighbourhood. Great about this show is that one can view the aircraft from close distance, unlike the present Western European air shows, where one has to stand miles away from the runway. Furthermore, the airport and organising staff is very friendly and helpful and above all photographers-friendly.

Last year they organised a similar air show. The organisers are dreaming of letting this show grow into a traditional international air show such as Zeltweg (Austria) or Kecskemet (Hungary) and it could become the biggest air show in Croatia. The next show is planned for 2008.

Underneath are a few impressions.

     The highlight of the show; a colourful Mig 21 of the Croatian Air Force



                   A PC-9 of the Croatian Air Force under dark rain clouds



Neighbouring country Slovenia sent a relatively big delegation, under which a Cougar helicopter

Here, the Cougar demonstrates how to extinguish a fire.

In combination with me standing a bit too close and the wind doing the rest, one can imagine how I looked half a minute after taking this picture... :-)



The Hungarians passed by with a Mig 29



The Swiss-built PC-6, here of the Slovenian Air Force, might be an ugly plane to see.

However, it is extremely effective and can start from/land on a football field without any problem



This Extra 300 gave a marvelous display


Ehhhhrrr yes, I might have been standing a bit too close here...



The "Wings of Storm" Team of the Croatian Air Force gave a good and interesting display





A demonstration of a part of the "Red Bull Race"



A Croatian rescue helicopter in the field


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