Lorena the Tiger


There are those days in the life of a little girl that I would like to forget. So far I (also known as the "Kleine Hexe") had no problems with visiting the docter for the regular check-ups. In fact I thought that they were quite amusing. Unfortunately there are also the painful events, where, like every baby, vaccinations are required. Mum was more scared beforehand than daughter. So, while mum and dad were entertaining me, the "bad doctor" gave me the vaccination, which was a bit painful. But within 5 minutes everything was forgotten and I started to laugh again. From the doctor I got a beautiful "tiger-plaster", as can be seen underneath.


In the afternoon I got quite tired again. Well, not strange if you know that the temperature here in Vienna is about 36C / 97F every day now. Underneath it looks that this little "tiger" is in a cage, however, it's only the bed...



And here we have a fluffy girlie-picture of the big little tiger...                            T


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