Standard December Weekend


Weekends in December are often like this weekend. On Saturday we went shopping in the main shopping street here, that they close off for traffic on Saturdays, until Christmas.

Saturday afternoon we realized that, besides hiding electricity cables, there is a bit more required to make the house "Lorena-proof". Lorena, unlike other kids, does not play with the toys hanging from the "baby-gym", but prefers to exercise with the "baby-gym" as a whole (See also: 17 September 2006 - Thinking Big).

This time, in a split-second we saw the whole "baby-gym" flying through the air and landing upside-down a bit further. Her legs are really getting strong... Of course, Lorena had no clue how her toy ended up over there. Must have been a strong wind or so...


On Sunday morning we built the small candles with angels together. Due to the heat, they start to turn around and ring the two little bells aside. When his sister Yvonne and Robert were young, they really liked this. Hoping of course that daughter is like daddy, they were watching it together. And indeed, it's definitely daddy's girl...


Later, on this lazy Sunday, mum was cooking some food for Lorena. Of course she needed to see how this was done. However, knowing that one of her nicknames is "Kleine Hexe", we wonder what the real interest is behind finding out recipes...


The final picture of this update is the proof that she is able to sit now. Okay, after a few minutes she still falls to the side or on her nose, but that is only a matter of practise.


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