Sokjes and Teeth


Little and big girls have their specific opinions about clothing. So does Lorena. At this moment she thinks that her little socks ("Sokjes" in Dutch) are a waste and whenever she has the chance, she is taking them off. Particularly mummy is not impressed, since cold feet are one of her biggest concerns these days (despite the fact that Winter hasn't arrived yet and we have Spring temperatures...)


But mum found a solution; little shoes...


"Don't worry mum, I will find a solution..."

...and she did. She is managing to get her shoes off in 2 minutes already...


Another development is 2 little teeth finally appearing "above surface..."


Biting mummy is a new game. But the cord of the hat is not a bad alternative either...


And finally, just a general picture of Lorena playing with her toys in the travel bed


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