Pipi and other updates


It is well known that one of Lorena's nicknames is "Pipilicicica". For those who do not know this, just send an e-mail for an explanation (see main page; "contacts" at the bottom). Pipi could however also be short for a famous little Swedish girl called Pipi Langstrumpf / Pipi Langkous, etc. And see here, the resemblance already.

She looks so innocent here unlike the famous Pipi, but that is just because of her physical limitations. Once her body and brain catch up with each other, the parents will be even more busy than now. This week therefore, they will start to buy a lot of protection equipment. Probably not to protect her, but to protect things from her to make it "Lorena-proof".


On the picture underneath she is already trying to find out how to hack a computer...

(and yes, before we get comments about radiation from the screen etc,; she was only shortly in this position...)


On Saturday, we had Johan visiting us. He is a former colleague of Robert and is now working in Albania. Lorena really liked him and couldn't stop laughing at (or about...?) him :-)

Of course, on this picture she put her professional actress-face on again...


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