Party Queen


It's that time of the year again where end-of-year receptions are organised. So also with Patricia's employer the OSCE (Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe). Children were allowed, which was a nice gesture from the organising committee and many staff brought their children.

Initially, while most guests were heading for the buffet...


...Lorena was more interested in all those nice lamps hanging from the ceiling.


But already soon she discovered that it was quite nice to be sitting on her thrown, while all the other people passed by for an audience with Lorena.

And that is of course funny.


Daddy was also present. I have a feeling that he is a bit taller than the others...


Soon however, she was fed up with all the attention and made sure that the parents understood that she was tired. So we went home, where she had to do some gymnastics in bed again, to relax from all the impressions from the day.


So there we have another episode of Society-loving Vienna

"Gaat het weer een beetje mevrouw Erenstein?" (see also "19 November 2006 - Christmas and Stuff")


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