Last weekend, we all went for a weekend to Paris. The reason was the Official Ceremony, organized for all students who achieved finishing the MBA-study (Master of Business Administration). Both Mama Patricia and Papa Robert had obtained this title already in 2006. However, the birth of Lorena prevented us from going to last year's ceremony.

Initially, dad was a bit critical. Why go through an official ceremony if the last exam was done almost 1.5 years ago and when also the diploma was already received long time ago. Mum insisted. But to be honest, it was fun to see several fellow former students, who had also postponed the ceremony for several reasons. Besides, it was nice to be in touch with the academic world again.

The travel was not so bad, however, both dad and daughter were knocked out, as can be seen over here...


On the other hand, fact is, that for parents with trolleys, the public transport system of Paris is rather hostile and the staff working there are seemingly hired only on the basis of being mentally challenged and/or being highly frustrated. In fact if one would be handicapped, it is basically impossible to use public transport in Paris. Back in Vienna we realized again why Vienna is on place 3 on the world top-list where quality of life is extremely high.

Anyway, other than the rather negative experiences with the French public transport, we had a great time and weather was great with sun, and warm terrace-weather.

Also Robert's parents, Patricia's mum and Patricia's cousin Silvija from Skopje joined.


And here the three of us after the ceremony


As every tourist in Paris, we also had to pay a visit to the Eiffeltower again...


Due to the Rugby World Championship taking place when we were there, a huge rugby ball was placed in the middle of the Eiffeltower


Lorena however, normally highly interested in "Ba's" (balls) was more interested in the "Gugkrchrrus..." (or whatever she says when she sees pigeons...)


But flowers can also make her extremely happy...


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