Linz-Hoersching 7 May 2010



16 persons had the pleasure to visit the Austrian Air Force Base Linz-Hörsching, beginning May, organized by GRAS (Gilze Rijen Aviation Society) and the Austrian Host. Linz is an international airport with a civilian side and military on the other side of the runway.


The visit started at 08:00 with a coffee and PowerPoint presentation about the tasks of the Austrian Air Force, the different regiments, bases and of course the different aircraft. Afterwards, we were driven over the basis and were able to shoot the different aircraft on the platforms and hangars. Based here are the complete Hercules fleet, Saab 105OEs, PC7s and Bell 212s.



The Saab in special tiger c/s has been flying in these colours for many years. We were informed that the scheme will be replaced on 1 July 2010 by a winning design from a competition, which was sent out to local schools.


Unexpectedly, 2 German Hueys visited the base. They were on their way from Klagenfurt to Salzburg but had to divert due to bad weather. Fortunately, the rain came in after the base visit was over and despite the somehow challenging photo conditions (cloudy) the visit was a success. A big thank you to the Austrian Host and GRAS for organizing this event.


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