Kecskemet Airshow


During the weekend of 11 and 12 August, the Hungarian Air Base Kecskemet hosted an international airshow with many visitors. From Vienna, it is a 3-hour drive. That is, without stupid idiots on the roads crashing into each other, traffic jams and a border in between... So on the way to Kecskemet it took 5 hrs to reach the destination and the way back took indeed 3 hrs.

Standing in a traffic jam has its advantages though. One can take pictures of a police helicopter passing by...


For dad it was fun to see some old friends from The Netherlands again. There was a significant number of Dutch aviation enthousiasts, who came over by plane and bus only to see this airshow. Well, initially the organization promised some participation of the Chinese Air Force. Unfortunately this appeared to be wishful thinking...

Opportunities for taking pictures of flying aircraft are good at this show. Sun in the back and the possibility to take pictures on the taxi-track. Taking nice pictures of static aircraft is, however, a disaster. Public all around and completely built-in. But then again, you can't have it all and aircraft enthousiasts prefer flying and/or operational aircraft above static.


A Polish Sukhoi 22


So here we have a few impressions. The parade shows all transport and fighter planes as well as helicopters in service and some historical aircraft.

Here a Russian-built Antonov escorted by Mig 29s


The Swedish-built Saab Gripen


The Mig 29


The Saab Gripen again


The Russian-built Hind


The Let 39



A colourful Hind


A Serbian Super Galeb


A Dutch F-16


Serbian Galebs



A Slovak Hind


The Croatians


A Spanish Hornet


A previous winner of the Red Bull Air Races


The Turkish Stars.

Previously these aircraft belonged to the Dutch Air Force


A Belgian F-16

A DC-6


A Serbian Orao; a unique airplane based on the famous Jaguar



An artistic picture...


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