First Birthday Part 2


As mentioned earlier, the good part about having grandparents in different places abroad is that they cannot always travel at the same time. So when Baka Biba came from Croatia, Lorena was lucky enough to have a second birthday party...

Here an impression.


Mum and dad also decided to rent a new apartment and went looking for furniture for hours (and where Lorena has been extremely good - she apparently loves shopping; a concept that scares daddy now already...). Afterwards we went for a snack and Lorena went to see the playground in the children's corner.


Last weekend we also had a Marathon here, with television cameras also from the air. This gave the chance for Lorena to actively see a helicopter for the first time. Of course daddy pointed it out to her, as part of her "I love airplanes" training programme... She seemed to be quite interested, making daddy happy... "That's my girl..."


But well, there are so many interesting things to see now and eating is sooo boring...


Finally a few pictures about trying to walk in a park


But nothing beats mum's or daddy's shoulder...


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