First Balloon


Lorena is getting better with walking. She does not walk independently yet, but she is able to carefully walk a few steps, alongside table and couch. This week she found a different resource that could assist her: the car-seat. She managed to make several meters by holding the seat and pushing it, as can be seen underneath.


Another new toy was Lorena's first balloon. We got it while shopping. Papa Robert was of course very excited when he saw that it is in the shape of a Zeppelin, which perfectly fits within the "I love Aviation"-part of Lorena's Training Programme... (see also: Training Programmes).


This year we also discovered that Lorena can talk with animals. Last year, during summer and when she was still a real baby, she had long conversations with trees. This year she has been ignoring the trees in the park, so far, and is now interested in talking with/to pigeons...


The final picture this week shows Lorena being quite happy playing with mummy Patricia.


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