Crikvenica visit

For the first time in Lorena's young life she went for a longer holidays. Friends offered us to use their family house at the Croatian Coast, in Crikvenica, opposite Krk (Davorka and Marko, thanks again).

We had a lot of fun and underneath are a few impressions.

Sunset in Crikvenica, with the bridge between the main land and the island of Krk in the background



Lorena enjoying the same sunset from the beach



Lorena and mum in the center of Crikvenica



Besides daddy's shoulder, also mum's is acceptable for discovering the world...


...particularly after mum completely stuffed me with milk to keep me quiet...



Lorena and her most favorite toy: the diaper



Here is Lorena talking to trees and stuff. It puzzles mum and dad; Either she has an extra gift, or she will become a tree hugger...


From left to right, clockwise around the table: Klara, Davorka, Marko, Robert, Joe, Martina and Ana


The baby club, with Marko and Kiki, Martina and Vito and Patricia with Lorena


And last but not least, the harbour of Crikvenica, with the moon rising in the background


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