Christmas and Stuff


This weekend, the Christmas-season has started again here, with Christmas markets all over the city. Besides toys and art, they are mainly known for having nice snacks, but above all, to have hot alcoholic beverages such as "Gluhwein" or "Punch".


Like daddy, Lorena loves lights. So on Saturday we thought of doing a bit of shopping and then walk over one of these markets. But when we reached the market, Lorena was fully asleep...





Main reason for her being asleep was that she had entertained the whole department store, where we went before, by screaming it out of laughing. No idea what was so funny there, but she was laughing loud, as well as all the other customers who looked at her. But then our "actress" became tired and fell asleep. Well, at least mummy could have a look around at interesting shops on the markets and daddy could have a quiet punch.



Today (Sunday) we tried it again and this time it worked. Lorena was highly entertained by all the lights and people as shown on the next pictures.







Here, satisfied after a good meal...












And now, at the end of the day, we can see her red cheeks after all the action.



"Gaat het weer een beetje mevrouw Erenstein...?" *


* something only the Dutch will understand; remark related to an old television Programme called "Glamourland")



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