Catching Up


It has been some time again when "The Best of Lorena" was updated. The main reason was daddy being away for his work, for most of the month. Besides a few days in Paris, he also spent several days in Maastricht, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Stuttgart. At least he gets full nights of sleep now... But every time he returns he is always melting when "his little girl" is hanging over his shoulder, giggling, smiling and making funny noises...

So here is a small update on the most recent developments since the last update.


Baka and Oma were in Vienna together. Here they are with their little pride



And here they visit the Italian icecreamshop "Bortolotti" for the last time this season, together with Patricia and Victoria



Last weekend Toshi san, little Anna san and Aneta visited Vienna. Here fathers and daughters together


And here both mothers


For the rest there is not much new. Lorena is able to eat her feet now and it also looks that her teeth are starting to bother her.


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