Airshow Cakovec 2007


Last year there was an interesting airshow in Varazdin, not far from Cakovec (see also Varazdin Airshow Croatia). So when it became known that there would be an airshow in Cakovec this time, the same place where Lorena's grandma lives, it was clear that we would have to see "Baka Biba" again.

Cakovec is a nice place and the people friendly. Great was the assistance of Franky and Franjo Carovic, who are friends of the family, and who are active at this airfield with "Aeroklub Medjimurje", which was the organizer of this event. They arranged that "Papa Robert" was treated like a VIP. great. Thanks again !

The airshow was remarkable. The show is at a relatively small scale. Interesting is that there was no participation of the Croatian Air Force. The Mig 21, planned to fly by at the end of the day, was cancelled. Because there was a significant participation of the neighbouring country Slovenia, one could actually think that the show took place in Slovenia...

And now the pictures:


The Croatian Police demonstrated their Bell Jet Ranger


One of the highlighs was the Serbian Galeb, which flew solo this time. At the airshow in Kecskemet in Hungary, two weeks ago (see also Kecskemet), they flew with four aircraft in their "Stars" team. However, the team was spread over several airshows this day.


A Robinson 44


 A Slovenian PC-6




A Slovenian Cougar.


And yes, also this year I was standing a bit close too the action when this Cougar passed by. This time no waterballet as in Varazdin...Only keeping myself together, without being blasted away...


A Hungarian Saab Gripen showing the great capabilities of this modern aircraft. Something definitely to consider for the future for the Croatian Air Force.



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