Boring Bed


Beds are boring. There is so much new to be discovered in the world, of which I have seen only a veeeery tiny little part so far. So sleeping is basically a waste of time. Therefore I don't understand why mum and dad are always looking a bit grumpy when I wake up a bit earler than they had planned to get up. But well, with only one good-morning-smile of me I can already make them happy again.

Dad was for his work in Paris this week. He didn't asked me to join. It had something to do with me complaining during a previous trip to Croatia or so (see also "Domestic Travel"). But hey, let's be honest, the space in a "Maxi Cosy" car baby-seat is more limited than the cheapest seat on an "Ole, Ole holiday flight" of, let's say, "Ordin Air". So, who wouldn't complain?

I tried to follow dad, but mum caught me, because I made too much noise. Now I need to figure out how I can escape from my bed without the sleeping bag preventing me of doing that...


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