Aviation Pictures Recent Past (Collection)


This site is under construction. Here will be a selection of Robert's aviation pictures. Underneath are a few examples

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Russian "Swifts"

"Swifts" Solo Display

Serbian "Orao"

Italian "Frecce Tricolore"

Second last formation of Austrian Saab Drakens

(before retiring them)


A Sukhoi 27 from Ukraine

Mustang coming in

T-Bird and Sabre

Chinook of the Royal Netherlands Air Force

Prototype of the Eurofighter

Twin Otter Maldivian Air Taxi

A retired Saab Draken in the center of Vienna

The absolutely last formation of Austrian Saab Drakens

(before retirement)

A German Phantom

A Lynx of the Royal Netherlands Navy

Another Twin Otter of the Maldivian Air Taxi

Skyhawk of the Singapore Air Force

Swedish Saab Viggen

Yes, good that I don't have much hair anymore...

Military Parade Vienna

F-16 Royal Netherlands Air Force

Art on an F-16 of the Royal Netherlands Air Force

Hunter, T-Bird and Sabre

(All pictures  Robert Erenstein)

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