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This weekend has been a cultural one. Today we visited the Picasso exhibition in the local 'Albertina' museum. Lorena was a very good girl and really enjoyed watching the paintings and she (we) had a lot of fun. She also entertained the other visitors with her commenting on the paintings: "Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba" *.

                         * Translation: "Hey, soon I will be able to make drawings in the same style..."


Here we can see her together with mummy

Okay, we still have to wait a bit before she will manage to properly use pencils and brushes. Until now she has been dropping anything that she has in her hands. Initially we thought that she was still too young to keep hold of things, but when we saw her closing her eyes already before dropping, for example, a spoon (because of the noise), we realised that this girl is much more advanced and she definitely knows what she is doing...


Yesterday we had other stars visiting us; Sabine, Eric and little Yohan. They live and work in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) but were in the neighbourhood for visiting family. The friends and family who were present at our wedding will remember Eric as "The Mad French photographer", who was torturing all guests, as well as the bride and the groom...

Aaaaah, what is he doing now...?

But fair enough, he is a great photographer and definitely a great artist. So here, on the picture above, Lorena gets already her first lesson from Eric, how to become an artist. But daddy's camera was apparently more interesting... Having said that, so far she has showed to be a good actress. And well, good (or at least famous) actresses always make sure that they look where the cameras are...


On the other hand, she showed more interest in his son Yohan, here with mother Sabine, who charmed Lorena with little "Bisous" (kisses).


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