Airshow Brno 2006 (Czech International Air Fest / CIAF 2006)

Underneath are a few pictures of the Brno Airshow 2006. It is not complete and not sorted either.

More pictures will follow and this page will also be more structured as well as having a few more details, when there is time. Or to be more precise: when my 2 girls allow me some more time... :-)


The Italians came with this interesting Piaggio design (P-180AM)

(which sounded like a broken vacuum cleaner...)


Czech Police Bell 412EP

Performing a Rescue Demonstration


Czech Police Eurocopter (EC-135T2)


The always impresse Mi. 24 Hind


The new Saab JAS-39C Gripen of the Czech Air Force...


... which even impressed some wild life around...


3x Let-39ZA of the Czech Air Force


The Swedes... ("Team 60"; Saab SK-60)


... who gave a nice performance


A Soko Galeb G-2A in Yugoslav Air Force colours


A Hungarian Mig 29UB


An American F-16CJ of the "Viper East" team


A Spanish EF-18A Hornet


The Famous Frecce Tricolori (Italy) (10x MB-339A)

Together in formation with the factory prototype of the C-27J "Spartan"


A Slovak Mi. 24V Hind firing flares


A Slovak Mig 29

Also the Polish Air Force was present (4x TS-11 Iskra of "Team Iskra")



A few static pictures:

A French Mirage 2000N (N for Nuclear Strike)


A former Yugoslav Air Force G-2A Galeb


A British Harrier GR-9


From the Austrian Air Force (PC-6/B2-H2)


Also Greece was present (F-16D)


Indeed, people knew that I was coming, so the tyres are there in case I had to sneeze 


The Germans "Tigered Up" their Bo-105P1


A German Tornado ECR (for Electronic Warfare and Reconnaissance and stuff)


Civilian flights continued to arrive and depart in between (here an Airbus A-321)


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