A Good Excuse


On 26 August, there was an international airshow in Cakovec in Croatia, which is only three hours drive from here (if you drive through Hungary and not via all those overloaded village roads in Slovenia...).

Dad had to be there, so a good excuse had to be found. Fortunately Patricia's mother also lives in Cakovec, so Robert thought that it was time again for Lorena to visit her grandma. Baka Biba had of course no objections to this plan.

Pictures of the airshow can be found on: Airshow Cakovec 2007


Meanwhile, Lorena was entertained by mum, baka and friends & neighbours. It is well known that her favourite things in life are "Wau Waus" (dogs) and "Ba's" (balloons as well as balls). So here we can see those combined. Yes, the balloon is bigger than Lorena...


Back home, the mail had to be worked through and here we can see both mum and daughter going through magazines and advertisements...


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